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July 20, 2011



      Very simple concept, incredibly hard application. I have been out of it for a very long time. I have been reading these blogs about game and dating. PUAs and all these scientific concepts regarding the topic.

     I think it is entertaining to see the mainstream publicity this topic is getting from idiots like that guy sasha from over on I think Roissy’s site. I have read about game from various perspectives and I think it is great how it has evolved and been refined. I have seen the young guy game from the eyes of college kids, to more mature game of midlife men who are more subtle.

     I fall inbewteen the two, with a slight edge towards the extroverted mentality of youth. Some of the stuff going around out there is very ridiculous and overwhelmingly moronic. I consider this to be slap-stick comedy at best.  I won’t go into depth about this sasha guy video that is surfing around right now, he has already taken a beating; but that isn’t true game. It falls closer to the numbers game. Now, you might be thinking the whole rejection/try again mantra is the essence of game. Not true. Real game is the art of interaction. Being able to use wit and intuitive capacity to create whatever you want to create.

     Now granted, if you are trying to pick up game or studying this stuff, you already know; game can apply to anything. Most times, it is used in the context of dating and pulling women. In this context some of the concepts are absolutely childish at best. There are some fundamental concepts that need to be adhered to, but the rest is pretty much ala carte.

     I grew up learning game from old R n’ B songs, some rap songs and other outlets. This was before the manosphere and the underground current that has been growing. Now, I have been in LTR’s for about the past decade. That has just been my preference. Even so, game is still an important aspect. Anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the opposite sex and how to perceive and understand needs to know some degree of game. I am not a coach or anything like some of the people on here, I am just relating what I think.

     One of the best quotes I can remember about game came from a rapper.

     “I got no game, just some bitches understand my story” – NAS

     Now that is the biggest game quote I believe I have ever heard.

July 16, 2011

The Manosphere

     So I have spent some extensive time since I jumped into the blog world reading various ideologies, concepts and thoughts on the manosphere. Now I am not new to the current of the manosphere. I have touched parts of it occasionally throughout the years, unknowingly. It is an interesting concept/movement. I urge everyone to delve into it to some extent, regardless of color, sex, creed, nationality or personal preference.

     The sociopolitical currents are of the most interest to me personally. I am of the opinion that our society has turned into a female dominated culture. Granted I am not as educated on the matter as some or a proclaimed expert by any means.

     The overwhelming favor that has been surrendered to women in society has become something on the side of comical. The adage, “Equal Rights” was quickly replaced with “A woman’s world”. I have yet to meet a man, or woman; who can say when or how this happened. There are several statistics, studies, documentaries and fact based tid bits of data that support this theory. Again, let me clarify, I am not an expert and I don’t walk around full of statistical data to refute this argument whenever it occurs.

     I started blogging and delving into men and women’s various views of the manosphere, along with the various topics that are involved. I am glad that there are others out there that are aware and educating themselves on the topic. There is something to learn for everyone. One of the most interesting things I have noticed about the manosphere is how easily it can branch into various other areas of society and culture. There is something to learn for everyone. The social barriers and expectations that have been the accepted staple for so long need to be abolished and the more people who can understand this, the sooner the true potential of “Equal Rights” and co-intergration can be realized.